What Maya Knits – East or West Pullover

To be honest – the heating in our shop is not ideal for the really cold winter days – especially if you are sat still in the back room with admin all day, but who cares when it is the perfect opportunity to snuggle up in our favourite knit wear? Like today, Natalie in a gorgeous colour work cardigan, George who just finished his Speckle and Pop Mystery KAL in his awesome shawl (I just posted a picture of this over on our Instagram if you’d like to take a look), and me wearing my just finished East or West.

The East or West Pullover is a design by Joji Locatelli from her latest collection with Veera Välimäki Interpretations Volume 4. I really enjoyed working on this project as I happen to be a proper construction geek, and the East or West (as its name suggest) completely changes direction half way through. First you knit the center front and back panels from the shoulders down, then you work from the side of the panels shaping the sides and sleeves of the pullover.

East or West

As I prefer – there’s not much sewing involved – you only have to graft the side seams, which means that the pullover when finished appears seamless, which is another design feature that I really like. The East or West is an interesting knit, still easy enough to do watching your favourite series, which is exactly what I did when starting this project during my summer holidays.

East or West Detail

I am particularly pleased with the yarn choices I did for my project. For the main two colours I chose to use the wool/linen blend Lyonesse by Blacker Yarns it gives such a well defined stitch, it is crisp with a rustic feel due to the qualities of the linen, still lovely to wear next to the skin as the wool gives softness, and warmth too. For my turquoise pop of colour I used some Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles left overs I had from a different project, in the colour Wish.

East or West

Joji and Veera are celebrating the five year anniversary of their collaborations next year and I really can’t wait for the Interpretations Volume 5 to be released from Pompom Press, I know I’ll be hooked so quickly, I just love their designs. BUT – sweater season is definitely upon us and I’m planning my next project, and speaking of which, there is another incredibly exciting publication from Pompom Press being released these days, their first hardback book is just around the corner to be delivered to us. Bristol Ivy has finally gathered all her amazing ideas and talent into this one book – Knitting outside the Box – and I have already picked my favourite and next project. Just look at this sweater, my heart literarily skipped a beat when I noticed the Arbus – I can’t wait to cast on!


What Maya Knits – two shawls

Well, at the rate that I’m posting the ‘Maya Knits’ posts there is a danger you might think that this is a yarn shop owner that never knits, but I do, honestly, I do. It is just that I do have an issue with – and I’ll admit it – I do have an issue with finishing off. I simply hate weaving in ends! I know there are knitters out there who love this part of a project, but I’m clearly not one of them. If you are anything like me, my best tip is to do a few ends as you go. As soon as you are absolutely sure that you’re not going to have to rip anything back, weave in the ends, this is how I do it, most of the time.

And then there are occasions when I don’t, like with both of the shawls I’m about to show you. Both of these were done ‘ages ago’ and then abandoned in their zip lock bags, waiting for me to build the motivation to weave in their ends. I did get around to it though, eventually, and now I can finally post one of these posts again – proving what I’ve actually been knitting.

Maya's Homeward Bound

You might have noticed the Homeward Bound Shawl we released the pattern for last spring, it has had a bit of a momentum over at Instagram, if you do a search for #homewardboundshawl you’ll find quite a few progress and finished shawls pictures. This was a design collaboration with the very talented Natalie Selles and we were so excited about the result that the Knit with attitude staff have all made our individual versions, and this is mine!

Maya"s Homeward Bound

For the shop we curated three set of shades which are available as kits, they all work beautifully together, but if you feel a bit more adventurous you can get the Homeward Bound single pattern from Natalie’s Ravelry Store, and come up with your own colour way in the Socks Yeah! This is what I did, and the colours I chose are the 102 Ammolite, 108 Chryso, 109 Iolite and 114 Peridot. By the way – we just launched the six new autumn colours of the Socks Yeah! so there are lots and lots to choose from.


My second shawl is The Color Craving by Stephen West, I found this pattern in his Westknits Bestknits – Number 1 Shawls. Although this shawl ended up like the size of me, it was really quick to do (until I came to the ends that is), the rows literally flew off the needles – what an incredibly fun knit!

I have to say, I was rather eh… experimental when coming to picking the colours for this one. It was a case of gorgeous hand dyes that looked so good when holding them next to each other as hanks, but that probably could have worked better in a different combo. I chose the Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles in (a particularly dark batch of the) Poison, Oracle and Fool’s Gold. Half way though I realised that my speckled Oracle and Fool’s Gold didn’t have much contrast between them, and that my semi-solid Poison ended up quite dark combined with the other two brighter ones. I do believe that this design would probably benefit from being done in more solid colours rather than speckled ones. But what can I say, the knit was so exciting that I couldn’t stop – and I am pleased with the result, the shawl is super-soft, super-squishy and will keep me super-warm over the upcoming winter months – and that is three wins in one!

Knit with attitude’s Insane Give Away

If you have followed our social media platforms lately you might have noticed that we have been hosting a give away over the last ten days – and it is now time to reveal the winners!

First of all though, we really would like to thank you all for participating, we are absolutely overwhelmed by the response we’ve had and we hope that most of you will choose to continue to stay with us and be the firsts to know about what goes on here in our tiny corner of the yarn universe! If you didn’t win this time around, be assured that this was so much fun that we will definitely do more give aways in the future.

So, did you win? Scroll down to see if you can find your name amongst the lucky ten. If you see your name listed, please send us an email to sales at knitwithattitude dot com, and we will have your prize sent to you asap.


Winners: Sabine Lormann and @limsenstrikk


Winners: @knitbykristine and Heather Barnett


Winners: Mandy Wong and @finishwife


Winners: @morgan_fae, @prettyfunkyknitter, Bjørg Anita Getz Nordli and Riikka Copeland

Congratulations to all our winners, and once again – THANK YOU ALL for joining in on the fun!

Homeward Bound Knit-a-long

As mentioned in the post below – we were completely overwhelmed and so so so happy about how well our Homeward Bound Shawl had been received – that we decided to prolong our celebrations with a knit-a-long happening over on our Instagrams! The Homeward Bound Shawl is available as a kit in three gorgeous colourways in our online store, or you can get it as a single pattern on Ravelry.

The KAL started May 5th – but doesn’t end until June 19th so there is plenty of time to join in on the fun, and this is what you have to do:

  • Post any progress pictures using the hashtag #homewardboundshawl, every picture is an entry to the prize draw – so the more the better.
  • Make sure you follow both Knit with attitude and Natalie Selles, and tag both of us on your posted picture.

That is it! On June 20th we will draw two winners from all the post entered between May 5th and June 19th. One of you will receive 4 skeins (a total of 200g) of the brand new CoopKnits Socks Yeah! DK in the colours of your choice, and the second prize is a pattern of free choice from Natalie Selles along with one of her super pretty draw string project bags.

As the knit-a-long has already begun we are really enjoying all the lovely Homeward Bound projects that are beginning to pop up over on Instagram – just have a look – we can’t wait to see more!

And … this is Maya’s progress so far, ready to tackle the stripes section.

Maya's Homeward Bound

What Maya Knits – Larch Cardigan

Lets talk about WIP (work in progress) projects, those that eventually turn into UFOs (unfinished object), those that seem to take on a resentful personality of their own and just refuse to be completed. The worst ones are the ones that you’ve even managed to remove from your basket or project box, packed up and hidden away hopefully to never be seen again – but they will still be lurking at the back of your mind – and mocking you: You thought you were such a great knitter, but you will never ever be able to complete me – I will haunt you to the day you diiiiieeee! This blog post is about one of those.

I did the cast-on for my Larch in February 2013 (this was before I had my Instagram set up, and I had to check my Ravelry to see when I actually started the project). If you have a look at my Ravelry profile you’ll notice that this is actually the last project I listed there – that tells you how much this project has been haunting me over the years – so much that I’ve ended up ignoring my Ravelry projects just so I didn’t have to see it pop-up every time I visited the page. Why not just frog the whole thing, you might say. The reason I started this project to begin with is that I fell completely in love with the design when I first saw it, and I was equally in love with the yarn I chose to use. The Fyberspates Scrumptious 4Ply is my go-to yarn for so many project and the colour Jen’s Green is still my all time favourite green. The thing is, I never fell out of love with neither the design or the yarn – through the whole process I really wanted this specific cardigan in this specific colour. Then ‘life’ happened – and I never seemed able to finish my Larch.

I’ve had a look at my Instagram to try to trace the progress of my Larch, in March-14 I’m bragging about having finished the body, and that there are only sleeves and edging left to do, however I don’t seem to be casting on for that first sleeve until June-14 – and completing it in January-15…

Then it seems like I am sloooowly but steadily knitting on my cardigan, completing the sleeves, and as this post shows – I’ve started on the shawl collar in July-15. See this! I’ve started the shawl collar, and this is exactly where I left it and how far I’ve gotten when I picked it up again last Christmas (that’s one and a half year later) determined to finish this project. (I am now slightly embarrassed and cringing on my chair writing this blog post).

And that determination was what saved my Larch in the end. I dug out my project from that dark hidden corner at the back of the closet because it was mocking me, right, but I only had the shawl collar left to do. Now at this time I’d completely lost where I was in the pattern – I’ve actually lost the pattern – and had to look it up in my Ravelry library again. Not only that, but I had no idea what size it was I was making… I thought I’d figured it out – ripped out the collar and started again – just to find out I was completely wrong. Nothing less than three times did I rip it out and start over again until I finally got it right. – If I’d only finished it sooner…

Right, so all the knitting was finally done – just the seaming left to do, and I have to admit it took me another couple of weeks to build the courage to tackle this. Coming to tension – we always advice our customers in the shop that this is a very individual thing – and that it can differ from day to day according to your mood, your energy level, (how many glasses of wine you’ve had), and so on – and boy had my tension changed over the years… The body, the sleeves, armholes, edging – my tension was all over the place and nothing seems to fit together – but I made it work somehow. And that’s it – my Larch is finished. It has a whole range of beauty marks and weird stitches, and quite a few wonky seams – but it is finished at last – and I will LOVE (and use) it ’till the day I die!

Finished Larch

What Maya Knits – Askews Me Shawl

Every single yarn shop owner that I’ve ever met had their own passion for knitting as the main reason for starting their business adventure – and then they, like me, were struck by the bitter sweet realisation that although you spend every day surrounded by the most beautiful woolly temptations there never is any time left for you to knit! What happens then, is that your knitting time becomes very precious to you and you become very picky – and so it is only the projects that you love the most of all the amazing projects that are out there – those that you simply can’t live without – that are the ones that will finally find their way onto your needles.

If you follow our instagram (knitwithattitude) or any of the marvellous people that work here in the shop – Natalie (leeleetea) and George (georgeacullen) – you would have noticed  that we’ve had a Brioche craze happening between us. No surprise maybe – it seems like the whole knitting world is struck by this alluring technique these days – and I’m no exception.

The last year we’ve had some amazing publications delivered to the shop, by Nancy Marchant (Leafy Brioche) and Stephen West (Westknits Bestknits – Number 1 Shawls), to mention a few. And it was while flickering through the ‘Bestknits’ I fell in love – I fell hard – just look at this!

Askews Me Shawl

So this Christmas I actually managed to knit – and finish – something, my very own Askews Me Shawl!!! For my version I chose to use the Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK in Genie as my light colour, and John Arbon’s Knit by Numbers in 02 as my dark colour, I found that they were the perfect match – my shawl is so squishy, soft and comfy I would practically sleep in it.

Maya's Askews Me Right Side

Now, if you’d seen all those gorgeous projects popping up across the knitting community’s social medias and have thought you might want to try the Brioche yourself but at the same time felt intimidated by approaching this technique – let me encourage you to give it a go! I highly recommend Stephen’s patterns – they are so well written. All though I’ve dabbled in Brioche before (more on that in a blog post to come), when doing the Askews Me, I found myself encountering a few new techniques that I haven’t tried before – like the Two-colour cast on – but his instructions are so detailed and easy to follow it went like a breeze. Come on – give it a go!

I'm attempting Stephen's pose - but not half as gracious as the man himself...

I’m attempting Stephen’s pose – but not half as graciously as the man himself…


Get ready for the East London Yarn Triangle

Rumours travel like fire in dry grass – but oh are we overwhelmed by the response we had for this little idea of ours – brought to you just in time for the World Wide Knit in Public Day!

East London Yarn Triangle

In celebration of 2016 World Wide Knit in Public Day, Saturday June 16th, Knit with attitude has joined forces with Wild and Woolly and Fabrications to bring you the most fun you’ve ever had on a Saturday with a pair of needles, a ball of wool and your knitting buddies..

What’s a yarn triangle and where do I get the pattern to knit it?
Mate, one question at a time…
The East London Yarn Triangle stretches from Fabrications in the south to Knit with Attitude in the north, to Wild and Woolly in the east – 3 extraordinary yarn stores – and all in walking or bussing distance of each other (isn’t Hackney brilliant?!).

So if it’s a map, how am I going to knit it?
Rock up and register your team at any of the shops (Fabrications, Knit with Attitude or Wild and Woolly) to join in on the final prize draw. You’ll get a special ELYT map which you need to follow with your knitting or crochet, making sure that you stop to snap yourselves proudly knitting in public as you go. Your map will have a list of key knit-stops which include some of our favourite hidden and not-so hidden haunts in Hackney. If you’d like a head start – download the map to your phone or print it out – you can start snapping those pictures straight away.

What’s a Knit-stop?
It’s a place where you stop and knit, and take a picture to post on instagram with the hashtag #eastlondonyarntriangle. Just take out your knitting right there and knit! It might feel a little odd at first, but we think you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly, and soon enough you’ll be running into lots of other knitters doing the same thing.

What happens when I reach one of the shops?
If you can show the shop-keeper 3 instagram posts with the hashtag #eastlondonyarntriangle, you’ll get tidy 10% off anything you buy that day. We’ll also have plenty of other treats to help any hungry and thirsty knitters get all the way around the triangle.

Oh em gee! I want to knit the triangle now! Why do I have to wait until 18th June?
Easy tiger! 18th June is World Wide Knit in Public Day – it’s the world’s largest knitting event, so we need to all be on it together. Luckily the East London Yarn Triangle is staying right where it is though, so you’ll be able to use your ELYT map to visit us all again whenever you like.

Where can I find out more?
On the East London Yarn Triangle website! You can download your map, and find all details on the treasure hunt knit stops and what prizes that are up for grabs!

World Wide Knit in Public Day



A few glimpses of what’s been happening at Knit with attitude while we’re waiting for spring.

We're working on a new bright coloured window display.

We’re working on a new bright coloured window display.

This little one was mighty pleased with his new robot hat.

This little one was mighty pleased with his new robot hat.

We've swapped the granny squares for a new fresh counter look.

We’ve swapped the granny squares for a new fresh counter look.

Gorgeous Kaja came by to show off her latest creation.

Gorgeous Kaja came by to show off her latest creation.

#kwasummer We have winners!

I’m completely overwhelmed by the response, look at all these brilliant summer knits! And there’s even more, just do a search using #kwasummer to see all the wonderful contributions to our photo sharing summer fun.

Finally finish and ready for a little princess#easterandsummerknit#present#madebyme#notperfect#kwasummer

Summerknit, for the wellies. 

<a href=Garter stripe baby blanket in Solstice from the Classic Elite Yarns Verde Collection. 70/30 cotton wool blend... so nice to knit! #landbyarnco #classiceliteyarns #garterstitch #babyblanket #iloveyarn #instayarn #iloveknitting #knitting #kwasummer #knitstagram #knittingaddict #knittersofinstagram #yarn #yarnporn #yarnaddict #wip

#textures #1 #kwasummer

Rolig formiddag!

Great Divide is finished! All I have left is to block. #nofilter #greatdivideshawlkal #greatdivideshawlkalfinished #bluemoonfiberarts #sockyarn #socksthatrock #psychobarbie #manosdeluruguay #alegria #manosdeluruguayalegria #colibri #landbyarnco #iloveyarn #instayarn #iloveknitting #knitting #kwasummer #knitstagram #knittingaddict #knittersofinstagram #yarn #yarnporn #yarnaddict

#kwasummer #crochet #flowersinthesnow #solstrikke pattern at solgrim.blogspot.co.uk

It's beginning to look like a sweater

<a href=Knitting through my long list of lectures to catch up on..#studying #whydidiskipsomany #kwasummer #herringbonestitch

Strikking på stranda!

'beach-side' #kwasummer #knitwithattitute #knitting #sand #yarnaddict

And the winners are: jamisohomummy, elisabethstanghotvedt, misscara
Please send me an email with your details to maya(at)knitwithattitude(dot)com and the goody bag will be on it’s way shortly!

My Mini Yarn Crawl

…..London, England 9 787 426 people…..
…..Trondheim, Norway 181 513 people….

When moving to London for the first time more than 8 years ago I was so surprised to find that there were less yarn shops in this enormous city than there were in my Norwegian home town. This has changed somewhat over the years, a few new shops have opened in both cities, and a few have disappeared. Earlier this summer, getting ready for our yearly summer holiday back home it occurred to me that I haven’t been yarn shopping in Trondheim for ages. Inspired by the Great London Yarn Crawl, which is happening later this September here in London, I decided to ‘re-discover’ my home town and venture out on a mini yarn crawl of my own.

I wanted to visit some of my old favourites and I heard about a new shop as well, so I created a route including four shops in central Trondheim. The walking distance between them from the first shop to the last is about 15 min.

These were on my list:

Jens Hoff Garn og idé
Trondheim Torg (shopping centre)
Kongensgt 11
, 7013 Trondheim

Prinsensgate 45, 7011 Trondheim

Fjordgata 62-64, 7010 Trondheim
(no website I’m afraid)

Fjordgata 28, 7010 Trondheim

I found this little fella relaxing on the counter at Nøstebarn, how cute is he?

I found this little fella relaxing on the counter at Nøstebarn, how cute is he?

Jens Hoff is a chain of shops, five in total, in and around Trondheim. Their range of yarns is amazing, they’ve got absolutely everything! I’ve visited the one located in the shopping centre Trondheim Torg, and even though I’ve been there before I was struck by how much they have, I’m sure you could fit everything that all of us yarn shops in London have into this one shop.

Is it even possible to fit more on these shelves?

Is it even possible to fit more on these shelves?

Everywhere you turn there is inspiration!

Everywhere you turn there is inspiration!

Strikke-Bua is the new kid on the block! Run by two sisters, it is a more contemporary yarn shop comparing it to ‘the old ones’. Not as overwhelming as Jens Hoff, it is easy to get the overview of what they stock and they are quick to offer you some good advice. I particularly like that when asking how much I would need of something to complete this or that project they could show me finished garments made by themselves to compare the different yarns, nothing beats the advice given by an experienced knitter.

Luxury yarns at Strikke-Bua.

Luxury yarns at Strikke-Bua.

Garnhuset was the third on my list, and unfortunately a visit that left me a bit sad. You see, this used to be my favourite. This shop is huge, and it used to be an emporium of everything knitting. In addition to the yarn, they used to carry amazing hand made creams and lotions for tired hands and other natural cosmetics, hand crafted interiors like huge baskets and chests for your projects and yarns, crafty gifts like jewellery and such, books, all sort of needles and buttons, and best of it all it was an independent shop that was actually making it! Now, I might have the wrong impression being in the middle of the summer, but it all looked a bit empty, yes, even a few shelves that were completely empty. So if you happen to be in Trondheim, please visit this shop and give them your support, remember that this is the only way we can keep our independents, by actually shopping there!

What else does a city need, a proper yarn shop and a tattoo parlour, next to each other.

What else does a city need, a proper yarn shop and a tattoo parlour, next to each other.

Wish I could fit a barn wagon into my shop!

Wish I could fit a barn wagon into my shop!

The final shop I visited brought back warm memories about being a new mum (ages ago). This is the company that revived cloth nappies and the use/benefits of natural fibres for baby skin in Norway. Starting out as a tiny family run business Nøstebarn has now grown to a chain of shops as well, located in several of Norway’s cities. I remember how I as a new mum had their lovely products brought to me via mail order, how I wrote emails asking for this and that, and how I always received wonderful personal responses. It was such a joy to visit their Trondheim branch and see all their amazing products beautifully displayed.

Everything in this shop is natural...

Everything in this shop is natural…

...even the stuff you use to care for your fibres after they've been turned into lovely garments.

…even the stuff you use to care for your fibres after they’ve been turned into lovely garments.

And yes, did I say shopping? I certainly did, have a look at what I brought home with me:

Pure Wool and Wool/Silk from  Nøstebarn. Raw Silk from Strikke-Bua.

Pure Wool and Wool/Silk from Nøstebarn. Raw Silk from Strikke-Bua.

Finally I got my hands on yarn from Norwqegian brand Pickles, it's been on my wish list forever! I bought this at Strikke-Bua.

Finally I got my hands on yarn from Norwegian brand Pickles, it’s been on my wish list forever! I bought this at Strikke-Bua.

It’s my first day back at work typing this up, and along with my mini yarn crawl pictures I’ve flickered through pictures from the rest of our holiday. I’m sitting here with a smile on my face, thinking that this was a good one, I’m back invigorated, relaxed, and ready for the ever so busy autumn. I didn’t get around to do as much knitting as I hoped, but it really doesn’t matter, I still had a wonderful time. How about you, how’s your summer knitting coming along? Did you share your project with us on Instagram? If not there’s still a chance to get your name in the hat. Share your summer knits using #kwasummer to win summery goody bags from Knit with attitude, but be quick, I’m drawing the winners in two days, Wednesday August 27th.